I think I will be ordering 14-12 soon.
Girl, you make the bomb mixes. I know I could
download the songs myself, but I would rather
support a sistah and her hustle, plus I just don't have time.
I enjoyed them. I appreciate you!
I like being able to get a lot of neo-soul mixed together
on a cd like that. I've been listening this type of music for
 a long time but only found out seven years
ago that it had a name.
I love being like my music, eclectic.
Thanks and continue to do what you do!
Always!!! Oh and the cd is perfect..thank you!!
 I enjoy your cds so much and will happily share it w/a friend.
I like the joints! This the kind of music I listen to!!
Most of the music I knew but there were a few tracks that
 were new to me. Have you heard of Tweek?
Pick it up if you can, its a import. I was just listening
to her cd, by far one of the nice cds I heard this year.
Let me know when u drop something new.
I am thoroughly enjoying the cds.
I plan on purchasing more of them this week.
I am so glad I found your website.
I will be in touch soon, take care.
wore the shirt on sunday, have to wash it this sunday on laundry day.
well on another note, its so cute, and u know I wear it.
It draws lots of attention too. People have asked
me "what is fat meat greasy" not gonna lie,
at first they think its a joke lol, then I explain your site,
and what it is. and I thought the orange would put people off,
but it actually draws attention, and looks really cute.
I loved them! I actually pull up fatmeatgreasy at work
 and listen to your player since everything else is blocked.
And FatMeatGreasy is the bomb.
Krucial be puttin' it down for the real soul music heads.
A special shout out to her.
I'm gonna be rocking my FatMeatGreasy tee tomorrow
while I run my errands in California!!
What the hell has happened to music,
where are these idiots coming from?
Why did this fool get a record deal?

One would think that artist such as Eric Roberson,
or Martin Luther (the rock star), Sy Smith, folks with true talent
would get airtime, but no, instead we get
sigh....for all you real music lovers,
check out fatmeatgreasy.com,
I promise it is not a porn site,
it's just simply good music, at least IMO.
www.fatmeatgreasy.com is the website that’ll keeps you full all day. This site is filled
with wonderful and vibrant photography by none other than Lady Krucial. After clicking
 on the main page, you have many selections to view from still live shows by performers:
Dwele, The Rebirth, Sy Smith, and Fertile Ground to name a few. You’ll get an up close and personal look of these artists in their action packed performances: sanging, sweating
 and keeping concert goers on their toes. The site is not only photographic eye candy
but has a feature soundtrack page to each artist. Especially check out the photo slideshow.
So if you’re looking for a music site where you get to see still highlights of your
favorite artists, Fat Meat Greasy is soul food for your musical palate.
It’s like being there without leaving home.
Sandi – www.peds89.com
So i had a blast last night in chicago. it was so packed that i didnt have enough
room to take my coat off til i got off stage. i must say that chicago crowd gave my 
london family a run for the money as being the most active crowd during my show.
london yahll still got the crown thou. but my question is, what was in the water.
those girls were wilding out. hahahaha.. how bout the girl in the front that tried to kiss me
in the mouth while im performing. or the girl behind the stage trying to get me to come
over there cuz she had to tell me something.. that may not sound unusual but she would
request it in the middle of a song. hahahaha... and to top it off i finally got a chance to meet
ERF's own, Krucial and she was a complete angel. hahahaha... i was expecting her to tell
me i suck and im bringing the betterment of independent music to an all time low.
sike only kidding Kru, glad we were able to talk and def want you to share with
me/us some of those pics..
#9; SOULSEXY is currently my favorite CD! My brother-in-law,
who is also a DJ; is diggin' #13 because of the 2 House songs at the end.
"Gabriel" is a particular favorite of his. However; you must know that titles
like "SOULSEXY", "SOULGASM", and "SOULICIOUS" just touch me ; )
THANXXX for the Good Music!!!
Fam, I wanted to share:

Jaguar Wright - Stay***I was surprised. This song took
what could be considered a serious decision and presented it
with a positive beat and attitude. It's certainly among my favorites.

fertile ground - ride***I'm really starting to get into the
instruments being primary in music, maybe it's my age,
but this is another of my chill out favs.

hidden beach vol 1 - you got me***I love this song.
I understand that the vocals r great too, but I heard this
first and it's spoiled me. Again, the instrumentals r really
starting to do it for me. I don't know anything about the
specifics of rhythm or any other tech terms, I just know
I heard it one day in my car while sampling your cd and
instantly fell in love with it.

Floetry - Fun***I'm sure that if u've heard this u know it's not
about having a good time at all. For some reason I think
this song strikes a chord with most people. Having recently
found myself in a situation that seemed like "fun" but turned
out otherwise, it's currently my theme song.

Kem - Love Calls***I hadn't heard of Kem before this cd, but I'm
certainly a fan now. Among his work I still (so far) like this best.
Kem seems to have mastered vocal expression and his
unique take on "soul" is certainly refreshings.

Hil St. Soul - Pieces***I wish I was more articulate because then I
could tell u how each of these songs touches on a particular point of my life.
The lyrics are certainly a little more serious, but this is another song
that has been beautifully mated, music and vocalist take u thru
 a world that seems so familiar.

Over all I enjoyed the variety while maintaining the theme of Neo Soul.
I think you may be on to something.
Thanks for providing great mix CD for new neo-soul lovers.
Received the package yesterday!
SoulSexy is soooooooooooooooooo SEXXXY!!
It was smokin'!!
Will listen to #11 & 13 today.
Oh! Yeah I got it. It's great. Thanks. :)
kru, they stole my cds, please hook a brotha up!!
say listen...i recently purchased the sy smith's psykosoul cd
on cd baby and noticed your name on the credits for cover photo!!!
i was like...i know who that is?!!!! congratulations by the way!
i just wanted to stop thru and give you your props!
i know you're grindin' and doing your thang. 
i'll keep watchin'.
much love, peace and continued blessings to you.
Hey, Hey, Hey!! I go thte pics mama. I'm sorry for not getting back sooner.
I've been runnin since I saw you in CHI. The album artwork is in the works
and more shows on the horizon. Thank you for those live shots lady.
I'm goint to post a few on my page. Great work! Keep grinding!!
The photos are great! I can't wait to post them. The website is great also.
I see you are still getting the dopest photo opps on the the business. LOOKIN GOOD..
Eat,Sleep, Soul. I dig that.
Hey Krucial,
THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Indeed you are the best!!!!!!
I had a bad day and to come home a check my email
and see that picture truly helped me get bye beutifully.
Krucial you ROCK!
Was wondering if you could shoot me the pics last night of me, Pooh, DBrock and Dwele?
dayum, i c you got a pic with my baby daddy raheem devaughan...
ms. krucial....whats up with that pic you took of me at the erykah show. can i get that?
So much for your love and support I LOVE CHI-TOWN.
If you have some dope pictures I can see besides my
memory I will love to see thejm..Pleeeaaaseee.
Nice meeting you during the Donnie show!
it was good to see you dancin and takin pics at the hot house....
if you got any pics of the bass player from rebirth send them to me!!!! LOL!
THanks so much - I checked the photos out they look great -
I would love to get copies of them so I could pop them up on one of our sites
Ha! I enjoyed the slideshow. Great site. Interesting name.
Tight site!
got the cd -- lovin' it! thanks so much. will definitely 'cop one' from the web.
look out for an order soon! ;-)
I really enjoy the cds, I am going to purchace the other ones thanks for nice compilations.
Website is cool, i found myself and friends in a couple of pictures and thats where i found
the cd's and i thought i would support. Keep up the good work.
Hey Girl! Let me just start off by saying again that I looooove "FATMEATGREASY"!!!!
Lovely photos, girlfriend!
Thanks for your energy and love at the Hot House shows...
We all appreciate that kinda support! xoxo
I like where your headed with this website. It gets right to the point.
Thanks for coming out on friday Ms. Thang!
We all appreciate the support! you may have to email me some of those photos,
I'm sure you got some amazing shots!
Fabulous pics from The Rebirth/Sy Smith show.
I like the latest pics. Especially that closeup of the
guitar on the Eric Roberson reel...great artistic shot.
Girl, u trippin' me out with these pics...
u can see my nose hairs and everything, u so close!
Back up woman!
nice pic...maaaaan I want hair like dat!!
you can see dude's fillings and everything...
Man krucial ur pics are nice man, come on and do the thang sis, 
i will support, i kno i am east but i will at least email blast ur concerts.
I like your compilations a lot but I am not sure if I can display & sell them in the store...
RIAA inspections etc, record company employee visits and all.
Could you call me or come by the store and lets figure out a way
beyond the few barriers I just mentioned?
just received my cd's love them, I forwarded your link to several friends
Yes, I received it yesterday evening and listened to
it on the way to work this morning.....the cd is HOT!!
Dahm, and I thought I was up on my soul music! These CDs are ridiculous!
Especially 13!!!! What I love is that I didn't know all the songs or the artists!
In some cases I had heard of the artist but had not checked 'em out.
I can just put in a CD and let it ride--no need to skip AT ALL!
You might hear some Jill or Erykah or Kem, but it won't be the most
popular stuff that everybody knows. For people who like to explore and
check out the more obscure artists on the scene, getchu some CDs!
This is how the radio should be!
Review of Soulutions: Pure and undiluted soul.
Soulutions takes you on a journey that is peaceful, passionate, and always groovin'.
Don't be surprised if you find yourself hypnotized by the music on this compilation.
Soulutions qualifies as true "travelin'" music, with each track seamlessly
flowing into the next as the listener enjoys the soulful ride.
OK y'all...Kru's CDs are FABULOUS! No shyt! You gotta check her out. BTW,
Kru.......I'm loving Peven Everett "Everyday Girl"...I had never heard of him.
And I'm only on the 3rd CD....whooooo! Listening pleasure!
the CD is tight. It took me a minute to get into Eric Roberson (I may be writing
that wrong, my wife has the CD right now), but once you listen to his words, his
song take on a new meaning. Good variety. You've got skills!!! Well, keep
letting it do what it do, and don't look back.
I'd already heard a couple of the songs, but some of the others were pleasant surprises.
I guess I'm not as familiar with neo-soul as I'd thought. I'll have to order others soon.
Thanks again. Keep on supplying the good stuff! Peace.
I got my cds, and I love them. I will be buying from you in the future. Nice work!
I love the CDS's you sent--you can just put them in and listen all day.
thanks you so much. It renews my faith that people are still
making good music out there...
I met you on the train yesterday and we walked form the south shore spot?Nice
very nice website I sent it out to a large number of friends here and in Tenn.
about the site and the CD's?So how do I get the CD's??? How do I get the free mix
cd to be exact but also how would I purchase others and no I am not a big fan of
buying over the internet?Let a brotha know the dealio..
I love your photos. Hey where do I get that Erykah Badu poem from. I love that
shyt man. Was that on the Mos Def show or something. If you can send a copy of
that mp3 or something I would be so grateful. Love it. Love your work. But you
captured the essence of my show so beautifully. Thank you for getting a copy to
me. Keep in touch k. Finally going to bed. Can you feel my hug.
Sorry for my tardiness.. I went over to my Dads and found the CD.. And to be
honest I have not taken it out of my player. It has been a four days now..
Is there a track listing so that I may put these songs on my I-pod?
Also can you send me the link to your site again.. I think I need to
purchase a couple CDs..
I just wanted to thank you for the gorgeous pictures that you took at the Chicago
show. I hope you don't mind, but I listed your site on the Van Hunt board.
Those pictures need to be shared with everyone.
Okay I am in heaven!!!!! I feel like I found life again. I hate to say this but
I had no idea that real music still existed. I stop listening to the radio and
just tuning into gospel music. What radio station does this music play on?
I hear lots of stepping music too!!! I'm clueless of most of these artist and
their music. I wouldn't know who to pick, but I'm sure curious to hear these
cd's. How much do you sell them for? You must send one that you think I'll like
because I'm still chilling with the music on the website!!!! Where does these
artist perform???? Oh my GOD I really feel like I've been locked away in a time
zone!!! This music is sounding to sweet to my ears!!!! MAN I feel like I'm in
HEAVEN!!!! Please don't laugh, I just can't believe how clueless I've been.
Now this music falls under what title? (R & B, SOUL, Soft Jazz etc......)
...and I'm only on the 3rd CD.
Girl...you have an ear! I'm hooked!
Thank you so much the photo looks amazing Im going to forward
this to my manager so he can pass it on to the guys.
We had a wonderful time in Chicago.
Still the best town thus far.
Yo, can't tell you how much I still play the first set you
dropped on me. Love them to death.
Hey Krucial, I want to thank you for the free CD. It is real nice. I'm sorry it
took me so long to respond, my father passed the day your CD came in. While my
sister and I were planning his funeral I put your CD on. My sister who is in her
50's likes it also. Hit me back with your website, I would be glad to give you a
"double" thumbs up on your "Soulgasm" CD.
I was in the T-Mobile store and was awestruck at the music that
was playing. Best music I've heard in years. Alesia, said that she would email
you and that you would sell me a copy. I'd love to have a copy of any of that
disk or even just a list of the songs that were on the disk. I don't get a chance
to hear new music these days because I have a baby at home and another one
on the way. Busy busy. But I still love music, played in a band
back in the 1980s and have thousands of old records at home.
I grew up with soul music so neo-soul
sounds just like old times for me.
Girl I am GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't wait to get my music!!!! Hey answer this? The music from these concerts
are they too on your CD's!!! I think I'm going to have to meet you out at the
next concert. Shoot I might loose my religion and start drinking and clubbin
it!!!!! I feel like I'm out of control right now!!! I'm ready to get up and
start jacking to "Save love 4 a rainy day"!!!!! DANG this is the STUFF!!!!!!
i've been groovin to them this morning. i really love your mixes.
Oh hell yeah. I digs em. HOw did u get em to blend like that?
Soulgasm was the one.. no not for the name but for the new songs I was pleasured
to hear. Peven Everett, & eric Roberson especially set this CD off just right.
I also am a fan of Van Hunt and "Dust" is the highlight of that CD to me, so you
concocted the right potion for me!
All of your CDs put me in a relaxed mode. Out of all of the CDs I have,
I listen to those almost more than any that I have.
I Like......Thank you KRU
I started listening to that cD you gave me yesterday...very impressed...love,
love, love the songs on there so far...the quality and blend is soooo much better
than other mix CD's I've heard. I think I'll be getting more from you...I want
my free CD too ...do I still get one...also how do I know what you have to order
from? Let me go to the website - maybe that will answer my questions huh -
Kru, #2 (Neo Love) has me transfixed! "I Remeber You" and "Scared
Money"........girl, you have my folks about to attack me for my music!!!!
BTW...I'm making copies for riding with.....Folks are on some "Clip-artist" shyt
with these! At this point, I may seem to be a bit of a groupie...and that's OK!
Me, my hubby, friends, passers-by and etc....are ON TOP OF these CDs. Get 'em if
y'all want 'em. But don't be mad when she sells 'em in stores and they're
18.99.........I'm am stuck....and fighting off would-be CD snatchers. These
negros are relentless! I need to carry a burner on MY PERSON! for real!
Finally got a chance to listen to your CD's. They were very good.
Keep at the DJ'ing you will do fine.
Give me 1 and 5 . I just sent 14.00 to your paypal account.
I looooooooooooooooooved it,
I listen to those tracks every single day (no lie)
btw good looks again lol
I love the CD's! I am so feeling everything I've heard so far and maybe I'll have
to re-think the neo-soul gigs! Peven Everett and Ledisi are getting my full
attention (I'm only on CD #3!). I'm shouting you out all over the net and a few
of my friends that have stopped by are feeling it. We may have to start talking
pricing because they want me to burn it for them and I give a resounding NO!!!
Let me know...
Soulutely is Delicious
They were all great! You take your time and really put them in a great order.
They have a nice feel to them. Great for driving, which I do a lot of.
I think I run Soulgasm the most :-)
ALL of them were exceptional in listening.
I was on Cloud 9 all weekend with my new music! Thank you soooo much!!!
I really liked Peven Everett, Bilal, Vivian Green and Dwele... if you have any of
these full CDs I'd love a copy, and if you want full CDs of any of the artists
you liked on my mixes I will do the same!
f-ing awesome, everyone of them. There r a few songs I skip. Now that I'm in full
stoke, "what ever lola wants"? I think about suing every time that comes on, and
some other old @ss song that it seems like u just slid in there cuz u liked them.
Kem, freaking awesome. ...matter of a fact, let me turn on my real player now.
Ahhh the sounds of the violin solo in "u got me" just seds me there.
Thanks cousin
Yo girl, your photos are tight...Either that's a great camera or you are
really talented or both! Great job!
Girl seriously, I love everything about your photos, the way you're able to
capture the energy is amazing...Thanks for sharing with the people.
I checked out the website and what great pictures!
I've been enjoying them a great deal - thanks for asking.
Hi, my name is Joseph and I am from Baton Rouge Louisiana. I flow 900 miles to
Chicago to see Corinne perform and it was defiantly worth every penny. However
I arrived home today to found out that every picture I took came out extremely
blurrier. It would mean the world to me if you could please email me your
pictures. I will pay you money, purchase your mixed cds, you name it I will do
anything. Words can not describe how much I love Corinnes music and how much
it would mean to me to have a piece of the concert at home. I promise you they
will be for my personal collection and I will not give them to anyone.
Thank you so much!!! P. S. Your website is really nice too.
The pictures you took that night were fabulous. It was a great concert and
full of good energy in the room and you captured it. I'd like to get a
copy of one of those pictures. There's a great picture of Van and I
hugging and I'd like to buy that picture (it's towards the end, I have
dreadlocks and a white shirt on). Please let me know how to go about it.
CD is bangin! Whenever you're free, send me the track list
(song title, artist, and album) so I can code it in my itunes.
Also email you're p.o. Box so I can reciprocate the love and send you some
mixes I did.
Gurl These cds are hot! I will be buying more as soon as I recover from buying out
Dusty Grooves. You have to come to Philly! It was great seeing you and thanks!
Hi...I'm not sure what your name is but I met you at the Goapele concert this
past week. You gave me a plugger that is good for one free cd. How do I go about
getting it from you? I love the website!!! Your collection of music is very
similar to mine. I have most of what you have but I'd still like to check out how
you arranged your compilations. I'm passing along your website to all my friends
that can appreciate what you are doing. Thanks for creating this website and
doing what you do! I'm always eager to support those that are postively moving
through the struggle. If it's alright, I'd like to email you periodically to see
what you have going on or upcoming events that you'll be at or do you keep up a
blog anywhere to let folks know what you have going on?
OHMYGAWD! Wait a minute, I just checked out your mix CD's and I want, like
all of them. But I'll start with "Soulgasm (8)" for now.
Will you copy some of that Peven Everett?
I haven't heard any of his stuff, but
you speak so highly of him.
I received your flyer for a free mixed cd at the HOB
after the Brand New Heavies performance.
How come you did not take photos?
Damn we got similar tastes! Hit me with your ultrafesh mix cd.
I might send you one of my mixes...you'd dig it.
I was serious when I said I wanted to get some cd's from
you. Give me a holla when we can meet.
Yeah, I saw the concert pics and they are Hot! Hot! Hot!
Girrrlll, you have a nice little collection in your archives.
I added fat meat to my favorites and look forward to
purchasing other mix cd's in the future.
A lot of the cds on here have some good music on them it was hard to choose.!
I might just have to get those from you too. And I can hand out some flyers for
you. I don't mind. Just send them to me and i will get them out for you, no
Whats up Kru....I checked out ur reviews and it all sounds good,
send me a little sumthin and i'll get it pumpin in my barbershop.
representing the mighty midwest!!
Dang! I'm like a kid in a candy sto'!
Give me 1 and 5 . I just sent 14.00 to your paypal account.
I really appreciate the CD"s. I love music. I could kiss ya!
Your money is on it's way gorgeous
Love the first one you send me. How much for some more?
I love the CD's! I am so feeling everything I've heard so far and maybe I'll have
to re-think the neo-soul gigs! Peven Everett and Ledisi are getting my full
attention (I'm only on CD #3!). I'm shouting you out all over the net and a few
of my friends that have stopped by are feeling it. We may have to start talking
pricing because they want me to burn it for them and I give a resounding NO!!!
Let me know...
Thanks again and I'll keep the feedback coming.
loved the soul cd...the one you sent me was about the only one you have that had
tracks I didn't already have. I'm planning on getting the entire cd's of the
folks you had on it.
i like the web sight--nice improvement.
I love the CD! It is very relaxing and I have used it every night since
I've gotten it to unwind before I go to sleep at night.
Sorry it took me so long to reply, I've been crazy busy! I did get the CD and
I love it. I had to check your site to get the names of a few songs but I have
been sharing it with other people that like it as well. I plan to get some more.
overall the CD is tight!! I ain't dissappointed!!
hey boo, i almost deleted this message but yes i have it and yes i am enjoying
it, im loving that fatmeatgreasy. THANK YOU
it was great i loved it. loved the incognito packaging.
my people thought it was something really important( mean it was)
but they were itching to open it. that was right before they opened it for me.
they thought i would want to know what i got.
I really liked the compilations that you created for both CD's. Kudos to you!
I LOVED IT! I play it all the time. Thank you thank you thank you. :)
I've been telling everyone about fatmeatgreasy.com
work it out girl the shyt is tight!
Thanks for puttin me on. Sweet marketing technique.
I just got to a computer where I could see the pictures, they're raw as hell!
Hey-My daughter is the bassist for Van Hunt and I heard you had some nice pics
but I waited and waited and waited but nothing loaded on your site. Is it
possiblr to send them to me?
Hey buddie!! Just wanted to let you know. I got my CD's....finnaly and thank you
very much. I really am enjoying them the music is calming me down..lol
can u send the pictures u took of me to my email address. i'm the cat who was
on stage with dwele at the double door.i need them for my page.and how bout u
take some more pictures of me like around some spots downtown. and u can catch
i'll like if u were there taking pictures so i can add to my website
u won't have to pay the cover charge to get in. i need a poporrizzi.